Segmented Emails

VinMAX Emails are created specially to maintain the best performing campaign flows and scheduling the messaging to save time as well as segmenting audiences based on desired characteristics.

Features Of VinMAX Email Automation

• Segmentation : Divide your database in segments & reach out to each one of them with personalised content & strategies. You can segment your base as per the set criteria to enhance relevancy & efficiency of the E-mail campaigns.

• Creative Templates : Making templates is time consuming, we provide you with a selection of templates which can be chosen for different email campaigns. If you wish to create your own template, VinMAX allows you to customize or create templates of your own using HTML mode.

• Drag & Drop Customization : Save time & access the drag and drop buttons to add more elements, images, text or line break to your emails. This feature is great to increase time efficiency for those brands who have multiple emails to be sent to different segments at different times of the day.

• Detailed Results : Get detailed stats and analysis of current and past campaigns visible all in one place to help you understand the efficiency of your email campaigns.

• Campaign Flow Creation : Design complex campaign designs to pre-decide the actions for your campaigns. Create actions to be followed by your SMS, OBD or E-mails. 1) Create interactive campaign flows & automated communication for follow-up or promotions 2) Use multi-channel campaign flow designs to create omni-channel campaign for your audience and customers 3) Automate your communications with pre-decided channels and content.

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