Why VinMAX OBD calling?

OBD with a delivery success rate of over 45% can be a very effective tool of lead generation & audience interaction.Not only reach out with creative audio messaging with call to action but also collect leads & stats through our real time logs.

How OBD Calls are useful?

• Charm Audience : Audience connects with voices they listened to before, like a celebrity, artist or a favourite movie or animation character. These pre-recorded audios are interactive and have a high response rate too.

• Low Cost : This channel of communication might seem to be expensive but VinMAX assures you a low-cost solution with a premium quality of delivery. Reach out to a massive audience on a personal level, enhance your ROI & control your marketing costs.

• Improve Lead Generation : VinMAX OBD provides a simplified automated process of reaching out to prospective customers or clients, to pre-qualify interest and support lead generation & conversion.Make your content impressive, engaging & cue key press to generate leads.

Optimise Customer Experience : With the use of customizable phone content and prompts creating an engagement strategy, dynamic greetings & developing interactive campaign flow.

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