Future Of Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business helping a product or service reachout to its target market & audience. The dynamic business environment has also assisted the evolution of marketing.

Marketing Automation is the next stage in increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns as well as enhancing the effectiveness & ROI of campaigns. VinMax aims to deliver an automation platform which acts as a one stop solution for a brand’s marketing needs

The channels of communication such as SMS & OBD are also integrated onto VinMAX to increase the capabilities of marketing activities along with creating a dynamic flow to build an effective flow of messaging.

Creation of Business Intelligence

Using a marketing automation platform, we can capture leads which can be analysed & stored in the database to develop audience database & intelligence which can be used to segment audiences for personalized content in campaigns.

Saves Time, Money & Human Resources

VinMAX controls major marketing tasks on one platform by taking in inputs from it’s user helping them create, schedule & analyse the content, campaigns, contents & results which are instrumental in optimization of future promotional activities by reducing time, money or external team investment

Real-Time Tracking

Reports are important to understand the results of the campaign or to understand new customer acquisition & activities. VinMAX marketing automation platform gives real time reports for all the campaigns, websites & Forms.

Omni-Channel Experience

Marketing automation platform, VinMAX can be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp to develop an omni-channel campaign or reach for any promotional activity or lead generation task.


Unlike most marketing automation platforms, VinMAX is created keeping in mind the budget constraints especially for SMEs & Start-Ups to help them use the best channels, tools and automation strategies for their business without extending their budget.



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